There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a room, a house, any space come alive or restore it back to its original color prior to moving in so you can get your security deposit back– but a paint job is only as good as the person doing it!

With our interior painting services, simply provide us the paint with your color and be confident that our crews will cover all flooring and furnishings to protect them from paint. You don’t have to worry about the clean up. Our painters will clean up after themselves and remove any tape, paint, paint cans, and drop cloths.

Another Big Plus! We move all the furniture. You know how difficult it is to move all those heavy furnishings. That’s a lot of work. We do all this for you.

Our skilled painters Prep Your Walls And Trim Our professional team will repair nail pops, small cracks and dinks in your walls and ceiling. They also caulk any separated joints in the trim. We work at making our painting service complete.

One of the biggest parts of interior house painting is the preparation. If these steps aren’t followed properly, mishaps will occur. Our professional interior painters learn early that the key to a successful interior paint job is the preparation. Properly preparing a room for painting allows for easy clean up and a more professional look in the end.

Our process includes:

  • All areas not to be painted are covered, taped, or relocated
  • Glossy surfaces are sanded
  • Separations are siliconized or caulked and wall imperfections are properly spackled and sanded
  • All furniture and accessories are placed back in their original positions

Regardless if it is the entire home, or simply a spare bedroom, our interior painters will give your home a beautiful new look.