Floor Care & Waxing: We Keep Your Floors Immaculate!

We provide excellent strip & wax crews. We clean, strip, wax, polish, and / or seal linoleum, tile, wood, marble and all types of floors. We care for many large retail stores with tens of thousands of square feet. When you choose us, you will always get a professional job at a great price.

We do make old dirty floors look new again. We will visit your establishment and give a free estimate on the cleaning to be provided. Estimates are based on the square footage of the tile areas as well as the difficulty in the work to be performed. We factor in the amount of work needed to move items off the floor as well as resetting displays or furniture. We have a minimum of $250.

In offices where tile and carpet are intermingled, we will often include in our estimate a price for carpet cleaning as the strip and wax process, and moving machinery from room to room may soil the carpet.

Yolanda’s will make your floors sparkle no matter what condition they are in. Call us for an appointment.