After all the contractors leave a jobsite, we will come in and clean.

From new construction jobs to remodeling and restoration, commercial construction cleaning varies, depending on the size of the project and services requested. Our services get the project accomplished properly to create a safe and spotless environment.

We work for property owners, manager and a growing list of construction companies. We customize all of our services towards your every need. We understand post-construction cleaning up like no one in the industry. We have experience in retail stores, shopping and strip malls, office complexes, schools and banks. Our crew can handle large projects from 2,000 to 50,000 square feet.

Post construction clean up is a service we specialize in. If you are a construction company or building owner who is finishing up a construction project, give us a call.

The scope of our services will be based upon your company’s needs and will be itemized for your approval. Trust all your commercial post construction cleaning needs to Yolanda’s Maid and Maintenance cleaning crews!

Such material that if not removed properly will certainly damage your newly prized investment. Don’t be caught hiring the street corner ‘cleaner guy’ to save a buck, when truthfully, you are risking your multi-thousand or million dollar investment. We’ve seen it time and time again where a brand new beautiful building has costly damage due to an untrained contractor. Don’t let it happen to you. Let Yolanda’s Maid & Maintenance give you an honest estimate before you decide to use just anybody. Then evaluate the cost vs. benefit so you can make the most informed and balanced decisions for your valued assets.

Post construction clean up can include but is not limited to the items below:

  • Window Cleaning Including Window Tracks and Frames
  • Glass Doors
  • Wipe Down Stair Rails
  • Vacuum Out All Cabinets and Wipe Down All Surfaces
  • Light Fixtures and Mirrors
  • Clean Tubs, Showers and Toilets
  • Removal of Excess Caulk
  • Wipe Down All Interior and Exterior Doors
  • Label Removal
  • Vacuum Out Heat Vents
  • Edge All Baseboard
  • Polish All Stainless Steel and Countertops
  • Sweep and Mop
  • Vacuum Wall to Wall